We provide more marine pilot transfers for ships transiting the compulsory area of Hydrographers Passage than any other helicopter operator.

Our Services

Mackay Helicopters Bulk Carrier

Marine Pilot Transfers

Our marine pilot transfer division has the distinction of having conducted more IFR marine pilot transfers than any other company in Australia (in excess of 11,000) and arguably fly’s more actual IFR hours than any other single operation in Australia. This is a considerable feat given the challenging environment in which we operate.

Film & Photographic Flights

With an ability to hover at all heights, helicopters provide photographers with a platform that enables detailed aerial photographs. Our helicopters can be chartered with or without the doors removed to help deliver optimal results for any photography mission. Low-altitude aerial photography can offer significant architectural and landscape images to the professional photographer.

Search and Rescue

Our company has consistently demonstrated ability to quickly plan for and deploy on search and rescue missions which are often some of the most demanding required of a civilian SAR unit. In fact, we are consistently able to dispatch on SAR missions in advance of the dedicated EMS providers because of our 24/7 operations.

Private Charter

Our modern and well-maintained helicopter fleet offers a fast cruising speed of 130 mph, and an all seats forward, quiet, climate controlled cabin. Local journey’s often take less than 1/2 the time it takes to drive. We can land on private property, on boats, and buildings with owner’s permission.

Executive Charter

Mackay Helicopters has built a reputation as a “can do” company while maintaining excellent operational standards and has supplied contract services to numerous State and Federal Government departments and corporate clients.

Fly in Fly out

We provide companies with adhoc and regular contract charter services for their FIFO workforce. Our operating bases and our fleet of helicopters have been chosen to suit the needs of access to remote locations.  Mackay Helicopters make a perfect solution for the transportation of teams of mobile workers.

Why us?

Pilot experience

Our pilots are arguably the most experienced multi engine IFR/MPT pilots in Australia.

Maintenance standards

Helicentre is the maintenance division of Mackay Helicopters and specialises in Bell and Airbus Helicopter maintenance.

Competitive Pricing

We provide helicopter services on an adhoc and contract basis.  Contact us now to discuss our services.

Can do - Will do

Mackay Helicopters has built a reputation as a “can do” company while maintaining excellent operational standards.

Over 20 Years Experience

Mackay Helicopters has been providing helicopter marine pilot transfer operations in Queensland for more than 20 years.

Management experience

Our team has extensive experience in operating single and twin engine helicopter types across a multitude of roles within Australia and internationally.

Our fleet

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