Marine Pilot Transfers

As a result of the number of multiple pilot movements that are combined into one flight mission, Mackay Helicopters also has significant experience in movements from vessel to vessel. A substantial portion of this experience has been gained in the challenging IFR operating environment and usually many miles off shore at the Blossom Bank boarding grounds.

Mackay Helicopters area of operation stretches from its bases at Mackay and Gladstone, to the inner and outer anchorages of Mackay/Hay Point and Gladstone, and out to the Hydrographers Passage boarding ground of Blossom Bank, some 120nm from Mackay.

Over 23 Years Experience

Mackay Helicopters has operated Marine Pilot Transfers in a tropical climate since 1993. We have developed operational efficiencies to ensure we do not delay pick-ups and drop offs of Marine Pilots when a Port is moving multiple ships. We have a well documented and enviable track-record on operational efficiency and delivering 100% service reliability to our Helicopter Marine Pilot Transfers customers (excluding weather and Vessel not suitable for helicopter).

Compulsory Pilotage

Mackay Helicopters is the largest provider of Helicopter Marine Pilot Transfer services to Torres Pilots and Hydro Marine Pilots for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) regulated compulsory pilotage route of Hydrographers Passage. On average Mackay Helicopters service over 1,000 vessels per year. The pilot boarding ground (Blossom Bank) is 207 kilometers offshore and is recognised as the longest Helicopter Marine Pilot Transfer in the world.

Safe, reliable and on-time

Torres Pilots has engaged the services of Mackay Helicopters since 1993 for the provision of our Marine Pilot Transfer requirements for those ships transiting the Compulsory Area of Hydrographers’ Passage in the environmentally sensitive Great Barrier Reef to/from the Haypoint and Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminals in Queensland. These operations are conducted in VFR and IFR 24*7 in both single and multi-engine aircraft, in all weather other than most severe or sometimes cyclonic conditions. Mackay Helicopters have performed tens of thousands of Marine Pilot Transfer’s on behalf of our service. Mackay Helicopters has and continues to provide a safe, reliable and on-time service enhanced by regular communications with management, operational staff and pilots.”

Perry Sutton, Managing Director, Torres Pilots

Safety First

Mackay Helicopters provide reliable, safe, and cost efficient Helicopter Marine Pilot Transfer (HMPT) services. With more than 10,000 hours’ experience flying the twin-engine EC135 helicopter, over 30,000 hours on single-engine helicopters and proven in HMPT operations in Australia since 1993, we have experience in serving bulk and LNG vessels.

Because Helicopter Marine Pilot Transfers is our core business, we have unsurpassed specialist experience related to the safe operation of specialist aircraft over sea.

Mackay Helicopters is audited annually by Flight Safety and SGS HART Aviation on behalf of our major clients.